Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Ziki's Burger newspaper coverage

Ziki's Burger Kiosk Location

Find us on location below to taste the best burger in Phnom Penh

1. Seoul Hair Cut, #138, st 155 ( Toul Tompong High School) 
2. Phamacie Kemsan # 17Eo, st 109 ( Dumex Market) 
3. Molika Beauti Salon # 138,st 115 (Sonthor High School) 
4. Chroy Chong Va Bridge
5. Prom Bayon Cinema 
6. X2 Karaoke (Building) 
7. Kuntheak Bopha st 61 (Srah Chok) 
8. Holiwood Hair Cut , # 79 , st 105 ( Yuk Konthor High School) 
9. Modern Gas St 154 ( Soriya) 
10. Daily Care Mart St 63 (Beng Keng Kong) 
11. Emart # 133Eo St 15 (Kandal Market)
‎12. Saran Restaurant ( Near Phnom Penh Hotel) 
13. Near Bak Tuk High School 
14. Ly Ly Cafe (Norton University) 
15. U-Shop St 271 ( Nokia Obay Kaom) 
16. Phnom Penh # 153 st 63(Trasok Phaem) 
17. Phom Penh Mart st 271 (Russia Hospital) 
18. Phnom Mart #876, st road 5 
19. Phnom Penh Mart (Zang Alize) 
20. Phnom Penh Mart Monivong blvd.

we'll coming near your place very soon...... 

Monday, 16 May 2011

Grand and Glittering @ launching of Ziki's Burger

A Date with Deminziki’s new ‘Ziki’s Burger’

Phnom Penh, 11th May 2011: Roam around the city this May with the all-new Ziki’s Burger. The much loved Ziki’s burger makes a lip-smacking entrance with a dash of sauces and farm-fresh vegetables which are guaranteed to add ultra zing and zest into your life.

Deminziki Pte Ltd will be launching a new Food product in Phnom Penh, known as Ziki’s Burger. Commenting on Deminziki’s experience, Mat Fasy, the company’s Country General Manager said, “I have been enjoying burgers offerings from various parties for years now and dare to conclude that our Ziki’s Burger is a more delicious new burger with a contemporary taste which most people will love it.  Also judging from the free sampling among the people on the streets, Ziki’s Burger was a hit thus almost everyone eagerly waiting for the launching!

Commenting further on the new product Mat Fasy said “Deminziki has found success in it’s strategy of ‘Branded Affordability’ through the Fair Price offers. Also, at Deminziki, it has always been our constant endeavour to work towards innovating and upgrading our product offerings to appeal to the local appetite. The new Ziki’s Burger combines innovation at an affordable price and offers a new experience to customers in Cambodia who are constantly looking for something contemporary, tastier, affordable and more hygienic. The taste of the new Ziki’s Burger is unique, irresistibly delicious and available at an affordable price of 4500 riel/piece.”

As our policy, Deminziki is constantly endeavoured to offer customers new products that appeal to their tastes and preferences. For the first launching, two Burgers will be introducing to the market – Chicken and Beef Burger.

The Ziki’s Burger will make its first appearance on the 13th May 2011 at 20 kiosks all around Phnom Penh.

Brief Background on Derminziki Pte Ltd:

Deminziki Pte Ltd (Deminziki) is a joint venture company between a Cambodian and a Malaysian company. Ziki’s burger uses Malaysian famous made Burger, Ramly brand, which is the most favourable burger in Malaysia of which over 1 million pieces of this brand sold daily on more than 16,000 kiosks, Hypermarkets, Cold storages and retailers around Malaysia. Deminziki has been appointed as the Exclusive Importer and Distributor of Ramly Burger in Cambodia.

The Joint Venture Company has invested on 20 kiosks spreading all over Phnom Penh in its first phase of retailing burger business in Cambodia. It targets to have about 300 kiosks by the year 2015, with its wing spreading into Siem Reap and Kg Som, serving some 60,000 customers each day.

Prior to its launch, the company invested years to develop this unique retail chain, which has brought about a veritable revolution in food handling, providing job opportunities to the youngsters, immensely benefiting the farmers at one end and enabling customers to get the high quality food products, absolutely hygienic and at a great value.

In line with its target market for the local as well as for the international tourist, Ziki’s Burger offers Halal Burgers which is suitable for Muslim and Non Muslim.

Social Commitment of the Company

Deminziki Pte Ltd committed to provide job opportunities to the young locals and simultaneously developing as many new entrepreneurs as possible and promoting Street Burger as a new food to the locals as well as the visiting foreigners. The company strongly believes that development of micro and small enterprises in Cambodia may help in contributing as the catalyst for socio-economic development of the country. Therefore, the Program was initiated to create business opportunities for its workers by upgrading their ability to cope with the highly competitive world of business, by offering demand-driven multidimensional and integrated business development programme.
Deminziki has developed a programme called ‘Small Entrepreneurship Development and Achievement Programme’ or simply known as SEDAP to groom the workers to be successful business entrepreneurs. The ultimate objective of the Programme is to identify young persons with entrepreneurial quality, to motivate them and to train them through daily working environment and structured training courses so as to enable them to take over the Burger Kiosks business with the assistance available from Deminziki and other various agencies.